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Premium plants, accessories, propagation promoters and soil for beginners and hardcore biophiles alike.

The evolution of evolution

Our propagation promoters help plants grow by supplying them with everything they need to get started on their journey.

Our propagation promoters:
Never before has caring for a plant been easier or more convenient.

Do you kill every plant you touch? So did some of our awesome customers.

I’ve always had a total black thumb. Thanks to Ver, I’m FINALLY able to grow a plant without it going belly up on me. The dirt you use really does make all the difference, and I love how everything you get comes with detailed instructions!

Lord Sauron

I’ve tried a few different gardening shears for my business and different blades when dealing with large pests. Decided to try these, and I can safely say I’m never going back to my old merchant! The cuts are just way cleaner and more precise than anything I’ve ever used. I’ve had them for awhile now and the edge is as sharp and as beautiful as ever. Highly recommended.

Samwise Gamgee

I developed a passion for plants when I first raided farmer Maggot’s crop, and Ver made growing out my first plants a breeze. Their propagation promoter kits really do wonders. I’m sure I’ll love being able to enjoy watching my plants grow without any unexpected incidents pulling me away from them!

Peregrin ''Fool of a'' Took

Have certain conditions in mind?

From living in a hole in the ground without much light, to curious pets, we have plants perfect for every owner.

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High light

Hard to kill

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